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Pre-Purchase Home Inspections

We offer our clients an exceptional inspection experience. From the rooftop to the crawlspace and all areas in between, we shine a sharply focused beam of light on the properties we inspect. Our inspections are much more comprehensive than most, which typically just focus on the major systems of a property, such as the roofing, siding, windows, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems. We examine those and more, and we do not fall back on the minimum standards for the industry of inspecting "representative samples" of items. If it is accessible, we will inspect the item, no excuses. We fully understand how stressful the home buying process can be, and we are there to light the way. We encourage our clients to attend the inspection, and ask questions throughout the process. Our inspection reports are extremely detailed, and are usually filled with dozens of color photos and imbedded videos, to clearly depict the areas of concern that we discover. After the inspection, we encourage our clients to contact us with any additional questions or concerns. Our goal is 100% clarity in our findings, so we do our absolute best to avoid using unnecessary technical jargon, and we are dedicated in taking the time needed not only to inspect the property thoroughly, but to explain those findings as well. We believe that a home inspection that confuses the person paying for it is not a service, it's a headache.

Pre-Listing Inspections

We offer the same inspection service explained above to home Sellers. A pre-listing home inspection allows a Seller to learn of concerns that may be uncovered during a Buyer's home inspection, and plan accordingly. Studies have shown that the cost of repairs that are negotiated during the sale process are often up to 50% higher. That is because, with a little extra time, a home Seller could explore a multitude of better options. Not only could they choose to shop around and get the repairs performed at a reduced cost, but for a major system replacement, such as a roof cover or HVAC system, they could market the home as having recent upgrades and set a higher listing price. They could also choose to do no repairs, and opt to sell the property as-is. Whatever they choose, they maintain control of the process.

Commercial Property Inspections

We offer inspections on commercial properties that are up to 100,000 sq. ft. We have experience inspection commercial properties of many types ranging from office buildings, to retail, apartment complexes, and light industrial. We inspect the same major elements as we would during a home inspection, and we convey our findings in a clear and concise manner. We also understand the complex and sensitive nature of commercial real estate transactions, and do our absolute best to avoid inconveniencing tenants, or to inform them of any information related to the sale of the property.

Environmental Testing Services

We offer the following testing services:

   - Mold & Air Quality Sampling

   - Well Water Testing

   - Lead-Based Paint Testing

   - Asbestos Sampling & Testing

Samples are analyzed by an accredited laboratory. Results are typically provided in 3-5 business days. If any of these services are to be ordered with a home inspection, please account for the added time when scheduling. We use a local laboratory for well water tests. That lab requires that samples be delivered on the same day that they were collected. So, if water testing is needed along with a home inspection, please request an am weekday appointment.

Sewer Line Scans

We offer video inspections of sewer lines. Older homes in particular often have hidden damage to the sewer line underground, which is nearly impossible to detect during a standard home inspection. Cracks, fissures, failed fittings, deterioration, rust buildup, root growth, and other obstructions which would have otherwise been very difficult to detect can often be discovered with a video inspection of a sewer line. The lines for newer homes can also have concerns hidden underground as well, such as tree root damage, construction debris, and low spots / bellies. A sewer line scan is recommended for all homes that are over 20 yrs old, or ones that have large trees growing near where the sewer line is believe to be located.

Commercial Property Inspections
Enviromental Testing Services
Sewer Line Scans
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